It was Abraham Lincoln that once said, “All I have learned, I learned from books.” We are willing to put bet that this same adage holds true for our vast library of educational e-books and e-products.

  • $37.00

    Basic Electronics Hands-on Mini Course

    IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN LEARNING ELECTRONICS  Then Take A Look At This! 1 - Learn About How Electronic Circuits Operate -  And 2 - Gain Valuable Basic Electronic Skills - Introduction To Basic Electronics Helps Make Gaining Basic Electronic Skills Fun And Easier!
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    Community College Transfer Product

    You just found so much more than what you were probably looking for. In the next few minutes, you are about to get THE BEST information about transferring from community college to Ivy League, Tier 1 or anywhere else. But first, I must say…
  • $45.00

    Gcse Maths In Four Weeks

    Please note, this is a downloadable product. Once you hit the buy button below, you’ll get instant access to all of my material and see almost immediately where you are going wrong in your revision.
  • $37.00

    Human Anatomy & Physiology Study Course

    Dear Friend, Are you looking to learn anatomy and physiology? You're about to discover the most spectacular gold mine of human anatomy & physiology materials and diagrams ever created for commercial sale.
  • $37.00

    Practice Exam Medical Coding Study Guide

    Are you about to take the AAPC exam for Certified Professional Coder for the first time? Or are you one of the many people who FAILED the exam the first time, and are now looking to retake the test, perhaps for the third or fourth time?